Tiffany Roddis Orbital MainIn 2008 Tiffany Roddis invented the Orbital environmentally friendly washing machine.

This revolutionary design for efficient and effective clothes washing, has gained considerable attention from manufacturers and investors from all around the world.
The Orbital works on a gyroscopic principle, and has a detachable spherical drum which doubles up as a washing basket. The spherical drum pivots on two axes allowing your clothes to move in all directions for a faster and more energy efficient wash.
Once the drum is inserted into the machine the solenoid valve is activated and engages the drive. The drive rotates the drum and the weight of the clothes spinning creates rotation in a counter direction, creating a gyroscopic movement. As the drum rotates in all directions, centrifugal force acts on the clothes, sticking them to the inner drum surface where water is sprayed.

Tiffany Roddis Orbital1

In a conventional washing machine, a large amount of energy is required to drive the drum through the water. This is akin to driving a car through a stream or shallow river. The orbital employs “shower” technology, meaning the energy consumption is significantly less. Given the choice, driving a car in the rain is far more preferable and energy efficient than driving a car through a river.
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